General Policies and Rules

Mouldies' policies and rules are the common guidelines that create a safe, trusted and fair trading environment for all MOULDIES.COM members. To promote a safe and trusted trading environment, MOULDIES.COM enforces these polices and rules.

User agreement: This is the most important MOULDIES.COM policy and rule document. All members are responsible for reviewing and understanding Mouldies' policies and all applicable laws and regulations contained in this legal contract.

Rules for Everyone: General policies applying to all MOULDIES.COM members, Mouldies employees and MOULDIES.COM. This section includes rules that protect your privacy and your identity. Learn more about issues like the use of profanity, unsolicited email (spam) etc.

Prohibited and Restricted Items. Mouldies is meant to sale only dies & punches for ceramic tile. Still there are many items that are restricted to sell online at MOULDIES.COM, such as liquor, adult content/material, banned items such as ivory etc. even for any future expansion. Find out in our comprehensive list of banned and restricted items.

Keyword Spamming Policy. This policy is designed to restrict merchants not to abuse brand names as keywords in product listings to drive attention.

Links Policy – This policy is designed to restrict merchants to inappropriately add links in its product listings or online storefront to move traffic away from Mouldies.

Merchants are not eligible to be a part of the Mouldies affiliate program. Any direct or indirect association with an affiliate will be a violation of policy and lead to permanent suspension of the merchant’s account.

Rules about Intellectual Property. MOULDIES.COM has zero tolerance for any intellectual property violations. Please notify us in case any violation has occurred without knowledge and we will take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Mouldies rules and policies are designed to:

  1. Minimize risks to both buyers and sellers.
  2. Support & follow government laws and regulations.
  3. Provide equal opportunity to all buyers and seller.
  4. Protect intellectual property rights.
  5. Keep privacy at top.
  6. Provide an enjoyable buying experience.
  7. Support the values of the MOULDIES.COM Community.

Please learn more about Mouldies' policies that will help you avoid breaking rules (including the law) and help you in trading with reliable, trustworthy buyers and sellers.

Violations of policy may result in a range of actions including:

  1. Listing / Membership / subscription cancellation or permanent termination.
  2. Store suspension / termination.
  3. Limits on account privileges.
  4. Account suspension / termination.
  5. Loss of Top Rated Merchant status.

Imposition of Penalty amount decided at sole discretion of Mouldies /Compensation for default.

Note: You may contact MOULDIES.COM to report violations by using the "Report" or "Contact Us" links found on most policy pages.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Though Mouldies is meant to sell & purchase only dies & punches for ceramic tiles, it is herewith bring to notice that following items are not allowed to be sold/displayed online at MOULDIES.COM. Please note that merchants/sellers are responsible for any legal issues and other liabilities arising if you try and sell these below mentioned items at MOULDIES.COM. We will cancel the listing of prohibited and restricted items within 24 hours after we come to know about such occurrence.

  1. Adult Material which includes pornography and other sexually suggestive materials (including literature, imagery and other media); escort or prostitution services.
  2. Alcohol including alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor, wine or champagne).
  3. Animals and Wildlife Products - examples include live animals, mounted specimens, and ivory.
  4. Artifacts prohibited for sale.
  5. Beta Software.
  6. Bootleg/Pirated Recordings.
  7. Brand Name Misuse.
  8. Bulk marketing tools which include email lists, software, or other products enabling unsolicited email messages (spam).
  9. Cable descramblers and black boxes which includes devices intended to obtain cable and satellite signals for free.
  10. Catalogue and URL Sales.
  11. Child pornography which includes pornographic materials involving minors.
  12. Copies of unauthorized Copyrighted materials whether in electronic or physical form or any other medium which may not be in existence at present.
  13. Counterfeit Currency and Stamps.
  14. Drugs and drug paraphernalia which includes illegal drugs and drug accessories, including herbal drugs like salvia and magic mushrooms.
  15. Drug test circumvention aids which includes drug cleansing shakes, urine test additives, and related items.
  16. Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries.
  17. Endangered species which includes plants, animals or other organisms (including product derivatives) in danger of extinction.
  18. Event Tickets.
  19. Firearms, Ammunition, Militaria and Knives.
  20. Fireworks, Explosives and Explosive Substances; toxic, flammable and radioactive materials and substances.
  21. Gaming/gambling which includes lottery tickets, sports bets, memberships/ enrolment in online gambling sites, and related content.
  22. Government IDs and Licenses which includes fake Ids, passports, diplomas and noble titles.
  23. Hacking and cracking materials which includes manuals, how-to guides, information, or equipment enabling illegal access to software, servers, watomites, or other protected property.
  24. Hazardous and Restricted Items.
  25. Human Parts and Remains.
  26. Items Encouraging Illegal Activity – examples include an eBook describing how to create methamphetamine.
  27. Miracle cures which includes unsubstantiated cures, remedies or other items marketed as quick health fixes.
  28. Multi level marketing collection fees.
  29. Copyright unlocking items that includes Mod Chips or other devices designed to circumvent copyright protection.
  30. Movie Prints.
  31. Offensive Material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material or any literature, products or other materials that: a) Defame or slander any person or groups of people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, or other factors b) Encourage or incite violent acts c) Promote intolerance or hatred.
  32. Offensive goods, crime which includes crime scene photos or items, such as personal belongings, associated with criminals.
  33. Police, Army, Navy and Air force Related Items.
  34. Pre-Sale Listings.
  35. Prescription drugs or herbal drugs or any kind of online pharmacies which includes drugs or other products requiring a prescription by a licensed medical practitioner.
  36. Promotional Item.
  37. Real Estate.
  38. Regulated goods which includes air bags; batteries containing mercury; Freon or similar substances/refrigerants, chemical/industrial solvents, government uniforms, car titles or logos, license plates, police badges and law enforcement equipment, lock-picking devices, pesticides; postage meters, recalled items, slot machines; goods regulated by government or other agency specifications.
  39. Replica and Counterfeit Items including imitations of designer goods; items without a celebrity endorsement that would normally require such an association, fake autographs, counterfeit stamps, and other potentially unauthorized goods.
  40. Ringtones.
  41. Stocks and Other Securities or related financial products.
  42. Stolen Property.
  43. Surveillance Equipment.
  44. Tobacco and cigarettes includes cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, and related products.
  45. Traffic devices which includes radar detectors/ jammers, license plate covers, traffic signal changers, and related products.
  46. Weapons which includes firearms, ammunition, knives, brass knuckles, gun parts, and other armaments.
  47. Wholesale currency which includes discounted currencies or currency exchanges.
  48. Matrix sites or sites using a matrix scheme approach.
  49. Any kind of services not related to Punch & dies.
  50. Any other product or service which is not in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations whether federal, state, local or international including the laws of India.


Keyword Spamming Policy

Keyword spamming occurs when merchants place brand names or other inappropriate keywords in a title or description for the purpose of gaining attention or diverting members to a listing. Keyword spamming in listings is not permitted on MOULDIES.COM. The text sellers place in listings must be directly relevant to the item being sold.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  1. Product Listing cancellation
  2. Limits on account privileges.
  3. Account suspension / Termination.
  4. Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at MOULDIES.COM.

Links Policy

In general, when listing items on Mouldies, merchants can’t include links that are solely intended to provide additional details about the items. That means in case if required, merchant should send links or mail only to Mouldies at circumstances when that information can't be included in the listing itself. These links may include additional images; technical specifications, manufacturer warranties, and other information that can help buyers make an informed purchasing decision. Other links that point to a third-party provider's Website are not at all allowed, such as image hosting sites, payment processors or courier companies.

Mouldies doesn't allow links to non-Mouldies sites or content where other items are offered for sale. Mouldies continually reviews links on the site and reserves the right to block any link considered unsafe for our members. As a merchant, please make sure that your listing follows links policy of Mouldies. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits your selling privileges and/or suspension or Termination of your account.

Rules about Intellectual Property

Mouldies is committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of third parties and to providing a safe marketplace to trade. Unauthorized use or Infringement of copyrighted material and trademarks are strictly prohibited at Mouldies.

Mouldies has zero tolerance for any intellectual property violations. Counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, unauthorized items (such as counterfeit watches, handbags, or other accessories) or unauthorized copies (such as copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, or photographs) are not permitted at Mouldies. Unauthorized copies include (but are not limited to) copies that are pirated, duplicated, backed-up or bootlegged. It is illegal to sell unauthorized copies of media.

If the product you are selling bears the name or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or endorsed by that company, don't list it at Mouldies.

Academic software is software sold at significantly discounted prices to students, faculty members and educational institutions. Do not list academic copies of software At Mouldies unless you are authorized to do so as an educational reseller, an educational institution a student or a faculty member.

Beta software, test software and evaluation software are not permitted at Mouldies. Beta, test, and evaluation copies of software are preliminary copies of software distributed by software developers strictly for the purpose of evaluation and troubleshooting.

Do not list "OEM" or "bundled" copies of software At Mouldies unless you are selling it with computer hardware. For Context, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or bundled software, is software that is obtained as part of the purchase of a new computer. OEM software licenses usually prohibit the purchaser from reselling the software without the computer or, in some cases, without any computer hardware.

Bootleg recordings are unauthorized recordings of concerts or live performances. Sellers are not permitted to list bootleg recordings at Mouldies.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  1. Product Listing cancellation
  2. Limits on account privileges
  3. Account suspension / Termination
  4. Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at MOULDIES.COM

Pricing Policy

Please note that trust is the most important aspect of trade between buyers and sellers in marketplace and one of the key aspects of trust is fair pricing.

Mouldies publish final price with addition of its margin to that of the price listed by you at given product master column & you can see the final price, which will be published to site.

Price of scanning will be published as per separate agreement with Mouldies & seller.

For healthy transaction flow at MOULDIES.COM, we ask you to price your items responsibly.

Please note that we are constantly monitoring prices for each merchant at various channels and do not allow you to price your items at higher prices at MOULDIES.COM vs. other channels such as your own retail store, your own Website (if any) or any other 3rd party retail stores or Websites. You should price your items sold at MOULDIES.COM to be as the lowest rate you are selling at elsewhere or even lower but it should not be more.

Mouldies will occasionally arrange special offers / schemes / discounts to buyers & will be communicated through proper channels to all the sellers. Sellers who are interested in such offers have to confirm in writing / mail / signing up that special offers if interested & it is to be followed.


Mouldies offer different subscription plan which Seller need to choose as per their requirements. An automatic License agreement will have to be agreed once seller chooses a plan of subscription. The plans, its scope & its limitations are as follows:


In any case if Mouldies will be asked / inquired about price negotiation from domestic / overseas market for particular product, it will be conveyed to concerned seller & will ask for negotiable price to make the deal workable. If particular seller will be unable to match the target price, Mouldies will cancel the order.

In case of buyer ask for negotiation of customized product for his / her own resources, then Mouldies will convey to all seller community to match the price & will try to distribute in equal ratio to sellers.

Also note that seller must not manipulate margin of Mouldies by hacking / software / manual change.

Violation of our pricing policy will result into warning notices and can also result into Account suspension / Termination and/or store suspension.

Honesty in MRP

Please note the trust you build with your buyers will go away if you artificially start showing higher MRP, so that the selling price appears to be much better deal vs. what it actually is. Artificially increasing MRP is strictly prohibited at MOULDIES.COM and any violation will result into account suspension. Mouldies is having right to observe & control over MRP so as to maintain trust of buyers community & Violation of our MRP policy will result into warning notices and can also result into Account suspension / Termination and/or store suspension.

Customer Communication Policy

Sellers/merchants at MOULDIES.COM are prohibited to engage in direct communication with buyers for any pre-sale, order, payments, shipping, post sale or returns related matters. Merchants are also not allowed to engage in direct or indirect marketing communication with buyers at Mouldies. For specific product inquiries, warranties, shipping/delivery, complaints etc., Mouldies can intermediate the communication between buyer and sellers. However, sellers/merchants should not be engaged in communication with the buyers without permission or instruction of Mouldies.

Violations of policy may result in a range of actions including:

  1. Product Listing cancellation.
  2. Limits on account privileges.
  3. Account suspension Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at MOULDIES.COM


Mouldies will forward purchase order from Buyer by mail against every sell of product which include all required technical specifications which are to be strictly followed during production – execution & dispatch. In case if there will be any deviations measured by Mouldies’s quality control team / Buyer, same will be bring to notice to seller & will ask for replacement / repair in priority at seller’s own cost. Mouldies & its buyer will not be responsible for any such loss incurred by seller.

In case if seller need any additional data from buyer, can ask through Mouldies in Writing only, any verbal communication will not be validate.

In case of any complaint from buyer which may be due to technical defect of product (punch design / master punch / rubber punch), Mouldies will ask seller to get the same resolved at priority, this may include personal visit of seller / executive of seller at his / her own cost if required.

In case of any complaint from buyer which may be due to technical defect of product (punch design / master punch / rubber punch) where both master punch & rubber punch supplier is common, entire cost of repair / replace / rework must be bearded by seller.


Few of the data required for smooth operation & automatic calculation by Mouldies for website as follow & any addition / deletion / alteration must be reported to Mouldies timely.

  1. PRODUCTION CAPACITY (INSTALLED) & CAPACITY OFFERED TO MOULDIES in terms of Number of Pieces (in case of Rubber punch) & Sq. cm (in case of master punch).
  2. Availability of 3D scanner for any customized job.
  3. While uploading product master, website will ask some technical / dimensional questions which need to be answered carefully for benefit / ease of Buyers & improved salability of product. Lacking of which might cause to non-salability of the product.
  4. Availability of 3D scanner for any customized job.

Web site will ask to submit:

  1. Line work (line drawing – in Adobe Acrobat – pdf format – file should not exceed 6 MB).
  2. Product Jpg - not exceed 6 Mb.
  3. Greyscale file – either in jpg / psd / tiff/ psb/ pdf – file not exceed 50 mb.

All above except Greyscale (which may be submitted within 24 hours after getting confirmed order) need to be furnished while uploading product master itself, lacking of which may not be permitted to list the product in website.


Product listed in free subscription (Level -1) would remain Non Exclusive.

Product listed in Standard Subscription (Level -2) will remain Exclusive for 3 months for particular client & product (especially master punch / master punch design / matrix) once sold will be automatically deleted from product listing except that of history to the particular client / seller.

Product listed in Super premium (Level -3) & Overseas (Level - 4) will remain Exclusive for 6 months.

Master punch & its design / matrix will be sold to first come first serve basis to respective subscription categories. As soon as one will buy a product (master punch / design), it will be automatically removed from site (including cart if any)

Note: There might be multiple list of products having similar or slightly varied designs of Master punches from seller to seller at given point of time because of the common source of input as reference & lacking of copyright of product & Mouldies never guarantee about Pure exclusivity of any product listed by any seller / Freelancer.

Every seller has to follow above conditions of exclusivity strictly.

Violations of policy may result in a range of actions including:

  1. Product Listing cancellation.
  2. Limits on account privileges.
  3. Account suspension / Termination Loss of Top Rated Merchant status at MOULDIES.COM